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Andil is a peer-to-peer investment platform in essential oils production. Andil Aim to give a better life for farmers in the sector of business.


The passionate team of i-Tallenta aim to preserve Indonesian culture by providing promotion platform and showcase ticket to cultural event.


Aim to be a travel planner, Tapakita is not just providing an ordinary travel. Instead, they're giving more value to their customers by giving hands on experience on every trip.


Coming from difficulties of find a good quality of secondhand car, Tengokin provides a trustworhy inspector for every used car transaction.


As they're trying to find a fit solution for a farming industry, Wujudkan provide an automated integrated farming with by using electrolysed rain water.


Driven by vision to make travel way easier, Yowis provides an AI based assistant for your trip.


Protokol is a digital signature encryption services that can be used for two types of physical and digital document and can store signature history


Due to hardship of finding an accessible seminars for health workers, Kalikesia aim to give an easy access for health workers so they it is easier for them to renew their competency certificate.


Started from Pijar Psikologi - a mental health awareness media; Luminar is a self-improvement services provider for young professionals to stay productive and resilient in modern working society.


Not a lot of startups would want to go down and dirty to support farmers. Bantuternak decides to help cattle farmers to solve funding issues by creating a crowdfunding and cattle management technology.


Realising that he can only save a limited number of lives, the founder of Pasienia uses his medical background to help patients to connect to healthcare providers and each other.


The power of dedication on their research about IoT, led Nusantera to become an IoT solutions provider for numerous public and private companies across Indonesia.


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