6 Ways to Attract Diverse Early Career Talent

In this current economy, chances are your company is looking to hire. If you’re interested in hiring more Gen-Z and millennial talent, there are several things to consider.

It’s important to acknowledge that early career talent in 2021 have considerably different needs and interests than generations of the past. With their unique take on social-justice issues, intense financial challenges from student-loan debt and their highly entrepreneurial spirit, this generation has particular desires that should be addressed before reaching out to hire them. Now’s the time to get on the same page and offer the benefits, perks and work environment that will bring them to the table.

Here are six considerations if you want to attract more diverse, early career talent to your business.

Move away from performative allyship

One hard truth that’s difficult for many companies to stomach is that Gen-Z and millennials aren’t falling for Performative Allyship. In the past, putting up a Black Lives Matter sign in your window or posting something on social media was enough to show support for causes that attract the younger generations. But now, many Gen-Z and millennial workers can see right through it.

These generations are highly critical of performative allyship and may not want to work with a company that isn’t truthful or authentic.

We have to do business differently, with a more compassionate and empathic lens to issues of justice. With some 66% of college students in one survey citing that racism is a major problem in corporate America, it’s important to stand out with your company’s DEI efforts and show up authentically on issues that matter to early career talent. This includes where your company shows up on Black Lives Matter, #EndAsianHate, anti-semitism and more. 

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